Catie is from Philly, so you can imagine that our family was excited when Crotty’s Cheesesteaks opened at the corner of Eastchester Road and North Avenue.  We didn’t wait long to place our first order, going with tradition — whiz and onions — although I topped mine off with the possibly unorthodox addition of hot italian peppers.  Gooey, warm, meaty, and delicious.  It must be admitted that these sandwiches require the temporary suspension of any diet you may be on, but they are well worth the calories.  Mmmm.

This morning I attended Crotty’s grand opening and met the father-daughter team responsible for the restaurant.  It’s not easy to start a new business in a pandemic, especially a service business that will depend, in part, on student traffic.  Fortunately, they were genuinely excited to be in New Rochelle, optimistic about their prospects for success, and justifiably proud of their great food.

Here’s the menu.  Enjoy!