Today, the Mid-Hudson region of New York, including New Rochelle, begins Phase I reopening.  Permitted activities include construction and manufacturing, as well as retail for curbside and in-store pickup. All places of businesses must have safety plans.  The entire reopening process will unfold over four phases, with a gradual lifting of restrictions.  Here’s more information.

Having faced COVID-19 ahead of almost everyone in the nation, our community can take special satisfaction in reaching this milestone and can be confident in our capacity to make further progress toward a full reopening.  Indeed, New Rochelle is already making plans to accelerate our recovery.

But it is premature to let down our guard.  The virus is still present in our city and region.  All of us must continue to act responsibly, practice physical distancing, use face coverings, and follow other guidelines intended to safeguard our health, both at home and at work.

Let’s continue to demonstrate strength, wisdom, and patience until this crisis is fully behind us.