The following public health update was sent citywide this afternoon via robocall:

This is Mayor Noam Bramson, with an update for April 23.

Para español, oprima número uno.

Alternate side of the street parking regulations will remain suspended until further notice.

The use of gas-powered leaf blowers will be prohibited for the spring, starting on May 1st.

Although the curve of new infections in our region has flattened, which is good news, the overall infection rate in Westchester remains among the highest in the world, so we still have a long road ahead, and it’s up to all of us to walk that road together.

That means continuing to observe physical distancing requirements, avoid all non-essential gatherings, and use face coverings whenever in a public setting where distancing is impractical. Our actions have saved lives and will save lives. Let’s keep it up.

For ideas on how you can help our community confront this challenge, please visit That page also contains useful information for residents who need services or support.

Finally, please remember to clap or make some noise once again tomorrow night at 7:00pm to show our appreciation for health workers, First Responders, and other essential service providers who put themselves at risk on our behalf.

As always, there’s more information at

Thank you for listening. Let’s stay strong, healthy, and united.