New Rochelle has launched an innovative new program called NourishALL (sounds like New Rochelle when you say it out loud) with the twin goals of sustaining our most vulnerable residents and supporting local restaurants.  1,000 people, who have been identified by ten community agencies, such as HOPE and the Municipal Housing Authority, are each receiving $50 gift cards for takeout or delivery at one of twenty participating restaurants, with a new round of gift cards to be issued on a weekly basis.  It’s a great concept that supplements the essential food security efforts already underway in New Rochelle, while also providing much-needed income to local eateries.

So far, the program is funded entirely by generous contributions from developers, who have committed about $400,000.  The more money we raise, the more people we can serve, and the longer we can keep the program going, so please consider making your own tax-deductible contribution through this link.

You can learn more about NourishALL in this press release or in this LoHud article.

As one of the first communities in America to face the COVID-19 pandemic, New Rochelle is determined to set a positive example of strength and resilience.  This innovative program, a true model of public-private partnership, will help position our entire city to emerge united from the crisis.