Here is today’s public health update, just sent via robocall to all of New Rochelle.  Please note especially our partnership with Westchester County to protect local consumers who have faced discrimination because of the coronavirus.

This is Mayor Noam Bramson, with a public health update for March 14th.  Here’s what’s new for today:

We’ve received reports of some businesses outside our city refusing to serve New Rochelle residents, and that’s outrageous, so we’re teaming up with Westchester County to protect our rights. If you have been improperly denied service or been the victim of an unconscionable or deceptive trade practice related to the coronavirus or the so-called containment zone, then contact the Westchester County Consumer Protection Department by calling 914-995-2155 or sending an email to

Now, a reminder on previously reported information:

To request a coronavirus test, be sure either to contact your doctor or call the State hotline at 888-364-3065.

Large gatherings are still restricted in the Wykagyl area, but except for individuals subject to quarantine, residents are free to come and go, and businesses are open, with free parking at all metered spaces.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities remain off-limits to visitors.

To access municipal services online or find other updated information, including common sense public health guidelines, please visit

Thank you to all the residents, not-for-profit organizations, community and spiritual leaders who are working together to meet this challenge, and proving every day that New Rochelle is a strong and resilient city.

Additional information will follow as needed. Thank you for listening.