Here is today’s official City update on the coronavirus outbreak, just sent citywide via robocall:

This is Mayor Noam Bramson, with a public health update.  Here’s what’s new for today, March 13th:

New York State has established a coronavirus testing center at Glen Island, which will increase testing capacity for our city and region. However, testing requests are still prioritized according to State protocols. You cannot simply show up for testing without prior approval; if you do, you will be turned away. To see if you qualify for testing, contact either you doctor or the State hotline at 888-364-3065.

For those living in the area near Glen Island, there is no cause for concern. The virus is transmitted only through close contact between individuals.

Now, a reminder on previously reported information:

The National Guard continues to work in concert with School officials and not-for-profit organizations to provide meals, clean facilities, and deliver supplies. They are not here in a military or policing capacity. If you see a member of the Guard, please thank them for their service to New Rochelle.

Institutions are still restricted from holding large gatherings in the Wykagyl area, but except for individuals subject to quarantine, residents are free to come and go, and businesses are open, with free parking at all metered spaces.

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities will not accept visitors until further notice.

We can all protect ourselves and our families by following common sense public health guidelines, including reasonable social distancing.

City Hall remains open, but for those who prefer to conduct business remotely, you can find a full list of online municipal services, as well as other information at

With our community in the spotlight, let’s continue to show that New Rochelle can meet even the toughest challenge with strength, resilience, and support for each other.

Thank you for listening. Additional information will follow as needed.