Earlier today, we received news that a New Rochelle resident had tested positive for Coronavirus, for which he is receiving treatment in New York City.  I join our entire community in extending thoughts and prayers to our neighbor and his family.

Together with other City officials, I have been and will remain in constant communication with County and State leaders, who have primary responsibility for public health matters, and we will assist and support their efforts in any appropriate and constructive fashion.

This will be a very significant challenge for our community.  Already hundreds of residents, chiefly members of the congregation of Young Israel of New Rochelle, have been quarantined as a precautionary measure to limit the spread of the virus.  At a minimum, this will be a deeply distressing and disruptive experience for the families affected.  Investigation of potential avenues of exposure is ongoing and additional directives may follow as needed.

The general population of our city and region, however, is advised to simply continue observing the same public health protocols that have been in place for weeks and which are detailed here.  In addition, the County has issued a fact sheet on this most recent incident here.  Finally, here is footage of a press conference held earlier today by County Executive Latimer, County Health Commissioner Sherlita Amler, and myself.


This is a fast-moving story, with facts evolving on an hour-to-hour basis.  It is highly likely that additional cases of Coronavirus will emerge.  And it is vital for our community and others to maintain an appropriate level of focus and concern in order to safeguard public health.

At the same time, we must steer clear of unwarranted panic, recognizing that the vast majority of those who contract Coronavirus will experience no symptoms at all, and only a small fraction will face life-threatening circumstances.  We can best protect ourselves and our families by carefully following the guidance of public health professionals and by continuing to support each as neighbors and friends.

The State, County and City will continue coordinating as this challenge unfolds and will share information in as timely and accurate a fashion as possible.