Here’s the Trump Administration’s proposed federal budget for 2021, as analyzed by the U.S. Conference of Mayors.  In summary: major cuts to health, education, environmental, housing, and energy programs, including many that are of vital importance to residents of New Rochelle like the Community Development Block Grant, in order to pay for the President’s ridiculous border wall and for increases in defense.

It’s like some sort of cruel academic exercise: figure out the right priorities for America and then see if you can write a budget that accomplishes exactly the opposite.

President Trump’s hostility to democratic norms, morally bankrupt character, and infantile social media tantrums get most of the attention, but it’s worth remembering at all times that his actual policies are awful and destructive, too.

If you agree with me that a budget like this would be catastrophic for our country, then let’s do everything possible to ensure that the next federal budget is shaped by a different President.