A new mural takes shape at 44 Fountain Place

Be sure to check out the new #NRNYMurals throughout downtown New Rochelle.  I was delighted to participate in an official unveiling this afternoon.  Amazing additions to our local streetscape, many at prominent locations, several quite dramatic, all adding terrific creative energy to the whole area, and consistent with the City’s goal of attracting both economic and cultural vitality to our downtown.  You can see the first batch of murals for yourself at 542 Main Street, 134 North Avenue, 38 Division Street, the Radisson Hotel, 309 North Avenue, 44 Fountain Place, and 555 Main Street — with more to come.  Here’s additional information from the New Rochelle Council on the Arts.


“The murals were curated by Street Art for Mankind (SAM), a nonprofit 501(C)(3) organization which strongly believes in the ability of art to trigger social change.  In November 2018, SAM created its first Westchester project, 6 murals in Larchmont, which were followed in April 2019 with another 5 murals in the village of Mamaroneck. In May 2019, SAM created another 5 murals in New York City’s midtown — including the tallest mural ever done in Manhattan — to celebrate the ILO centenary. New Rochelle’s #NRNYMurals is the next — and largest — component of this “Street Art Belt”, which will connect Midtown to Westchester, from Grand Central to the Sound Shore. All of the murals will be linked by a free, downloadable app, “Behind the Wall”, that combines augmented reality content and audio-guide features, making the murals truly interactive. The creative geniuses behind the #NRNYMurals are a truly impressive group of prominent street artists.”