As a small city, New Rochelle can’t by itself change the direction of our country.  But when New Rochelle works together with other cities, we can at least influence the national conversation, prod Congress to action, or express a clear view in the courts.  That’s why I support inter-municipal agreements and initiatives that allow New Rochelle to take a stand on issues of great importance to many of our own residents and consistent with our community’s values.  Here are a couple of timely examples:

Today, New Rochelle is joining 105 cities, towns, and counties in filing an amicus brief in defense of the DACA program, which has helped countless young people remain in and contribute to the only country they’ve ever known.  The full brief has much more information.

Second, as a member of Mayors Against LGBTQ Discrimination, I am proud to join colleagues in calling on the Supreme Court to affirm that no one should ever lose their job because of who they love.  The Court will hear three cases on this topic today, with big potential implications.

New Rochelle is a welcoming, inclusive community that celebrates diversity, and we should affirm our core values at every opportunity.