This is the last in a five-part series of suggestions for getting involved in the local campaign. We’ve already covered early voting, yard signs, donations, and canvassing. Now, let’s talk about the most important of all: spreading the word among friends.

Suggestion 5: Spread the Word

Professionally-produced mail and digital ads are important to a successful campaign, but the truth is that a personal note from a friend is often more persuasive — and more likely to avoid immediate placement in the recycling bin — than a dozen slick brochures.

So, between now and November 5th, please make a point of reaching out to your friends and neighbors via social media, emails, postcards, or whatever form of communication makes you most comfortable.

Putting things in your own words is usually best, but in case it’s helpful, you can find detailed guidance, along with possible talking points, here:

Let your friends know that New Rochelle is moving in the right direction, that we need to keep responsible, progressive leadership working on our behalf, and that this election is important to our future.

So that’s it for our five-part series. Whether you vote early, post a yard sign, make a donation, canvass a neighborhood, or spread the word, I am truly grateful for your help and trust.