In this year’s local election, we have an opportunity to build on New Rochelle’s significant record of progress, while also standing up for values that are vitally important to our whole country. Participation in the political process has never been more essential. 

So, with just three weeks to go until Election Day, I am reaching out to friends and neighbors to suggest different ways to get involved. I’ll be offering a specific idea each day this week, starting with suggestion number one below.

Every successful political campaign is a team effort, so let’s work together for a stronger, more progressive city.

Suggestion 1: Plan to Vote Early

This year, for the first time ever, New Yorkers have the option of voting early. It’s a good way to skip lines, avoid uncertainty, and be sure to bank away your vote.

Our local early voting station will be behind New Rochelle City Hall at 90 Beaufort Place. You can cast your vote there starting on Saturday, October 26th and continuing through Sunday, November 3rd. (Of course, you can still vote in the traditional way at your usual polling place on Tuesday, November 5th.) For more details, including voting hours on each day, please visit

Tomorrow, I’ll be in touch with suggestion two. In the meantime, please share this with your friends.