State, county, and local officials at New Rochelle City Hall

It is often said that a free press is the foundation of a healthy democracy, and that’s true. But while press freedom is necessary, it’s also insufficient. When it comes to sharing news, we also need competition and diversity of perspectives, especially at the most local level, where information sources can be limited.

That’s why Verizon’s recent decision to eliminate FiOS1 News is such a disservice to the New York suburbs, leaving only a single local cable news provider for a multi-county region with millions of residents.

Earlier today, a wide range of state, county, and local leaders gathered at New Rochelle City Hall to voice our concerns and urge Verizon to reconsider its position. It is reasonable to expect cable companies, which benefit from public franchises, to uphold their responsibility to provide original news content, and I hope Verizon is listening.