I’d been hearing raves about Juicy Chicken, the new Peruvian rotisserie restaurant on Division Street, so when Catie, the boys, and I visited my mother at the Skyline this past weekend for lunch, we decided to take-out.

Mmmm. The chicken itself was terrific — wonderfully seasoned and, in a credit to truth-in-advertising, juicy! (I often find rotisserie chicken to be better looking than tasting, and this was definitely a happy exception to my rule.) We also ordered an excellent ceviche, arroz chaufa (fried rice) with beef, and a side of fried plantains. Plenty for everyone, except for the plantains, which Jeremy scarfed down with minimal sharing.

The restaurant itself is warm and inviting. The owners clearly put a lot of thought into creating a comfortable, casual space. So even though our first experience at Juicy Chicken was take-out, this is definitely more than a take-out joint.