It’s official: I am running.  No, not for President (although everyone else seems to be.)  For reelection as Mayor of New Rochelle. 

Yesterday, nominating petitions were filed on my behalf with the Board of Elections, and I wanted to share the news.

While November is still pretty far off – and there’s a lot more governing to do before politics takes center stage – I didn’t want this moment to pass without expressing thanks for the confidence, partnership, sound advice, and constructive criticism of friends and neighbors, and to ask for your support as I seek another term.

As noted in my recent State of the City Address, New Rochelle is on a roll, with brighter prospects than at any previous moment in our modern history:

•            Our downtown is growing by leaps and bounds, as we implement the most ambitious economic development plan in the Hudson Valley;

•            Our environment is improving, thanks to a focus on water quality, urban forestry, parkland, and renewable energy;

•            Our infrastructure and roads are benefiting from the largest capital investment in more than a generation;

•            Our crime rate is historically low, a tribute to strong Police-community relations; and

•            Our municipal finances are sound, with a healthy bond rating and robust fund balance.

As we build a more prosperous community, we are also firmly committed to equity and inclusion, supported by new affordable housing, skill and career development, and innovative programs like My Brother’s Keeper.

In fact, New Rochelle is now celebrated as a model for other cities, as evidenced by our success in winning New York State’s highly competitive Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI) and the nation-wide Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge.

Of course, we still face difficult challenges and there is far more to be done, but I am encouraged by how far our city has come, and I have always worked my hardest to give the people of New Rochelle reason to be proud of their leadership.  Among many other things, this entails:

•            Representing New Rochelle effectively to the larger world – projecting a positive civic image, building confidence among potential investors, and nurturing mutually supportive relationships with other levels of government.

•            Building trust and a culture of civility among Council Members, while setting clear priorities for our professional staff.

•            Being responsive and accessible – hosting neighborhood forums, appearing before countless community events and organizations, sharing information through my blog and email bulletins, and addressing the day-to-day concerns that confront our residents. 

•            Bringing our community together, especially in moments of crisis or trauma, when a calm, thoughtful demeanor is most important.

•            Tackling challenges and opportunities, even difficult or controversial ones, with integrity, conviction, and a passionate commitment to our future.

Finally, at a time when many of us are deeply concerned about the tone and direction of our national government, I have felt it important to stand up locally for values that are fundamental to New Rochelle’s interests and identity: the dignity and humanity of immigrants, civil rights and civil liberties, the urgent challenge of climate change, and fundamental adherence to the rule of law.  The flame of these principles must be protected in communities like ours, until it can be rekindled across our country.

Serving as mayor has been much more than a job for me.  I am fiercely loyal to New Rochelle.  This is where I grew up and went to school.  This is where Catie and I chose to settle and raise our own children.  This is where I hope one day to retire.  I love our community in all of its remarkable diversity, and I want to do everything possible to ensure that New Rochelle thrives in the years ahead.

Thank you for standing with me in this important work.  Together, let’s keep leading New Rochelle in the right direction.

P.S.  There will be plenty of opportunities to support the campaign in the months ahead, but if you want to get a jump on things, I invite you to visit this page to volunteer, sign up to post a lawn sign, or simply endorse my candidacy. Thank you!