The College of New Rochelle (CNR) has been a valued part of our community for more than a century, and so news of the College’s impending closure hits all of us hard, especially the students, faculty members, and employees affected most directly.

Since the College’s financial challenges were first announced several years ago, I have been in regular contact with CNR’s leadership to offer my moral and material support to whatever degree appropriate and helpful. Now, as this challenge moves into a new phase, the City will remain an engaged partner, particularly with respect to the future of the CNR campus.

In the meantime, I am pleased that CNR was able to strike an agreement with Mercy College that will provide for the continuing educational needs of CNR’s student body, with the possibility of also retaining some of CNR’s faculty and/or leasing CNR’s facilities.

The end of a beloved institution is a deeply sad turn of events for New Rochelle and for the entire CNR family, including generations of devoted alums, but I am confident that all decision-makers will work in good faith to achieve the most positive outcome possible for the College’s students, campus, and surrounding neighborhood.