I just sent the following city-wide robocall. Stay safe this weekend and avoid unnecessary travel.

This is a winter storm advisory from the City of New Rochelle.

A Winter Storm Watch is in effect from Saturday night through Sunday evening, with gusty winds and accumulating snow, sleet and ice predicted. Please exercise caution while driving, especially on Sunday and Monday when temperatures are expected to fall, potentially creating hazardous icing conditions.

If you lose power, contact Con Edison at 1-800-75-CONED or online at www.coned.com, where you can also learn how to sign up for text alerts to your cell. Report any downed trees to the New Rochelle Police Desk at 914-654-2300.

Finally, next week will follow a holiday collection schedule, with no pickup on Monday, garbage pickup in the North End on Tuesday and in the South End on Wednesday.

Additional messages will follow, if warranted.

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson. Thank you for listening and stay safe.