A Local Planning Committee (“LPC”) has been established to help New Rochelle think through how best to utilize the $10 million grant we recently won through New York’s Downtown Revitalization Initiative.

The LPC is composed of local and regional leaders, as well as community, neighborhood, and business advocates.  Here’s a full list of the members, with brief descriptions of each.  They are an impressive group, encompassing a range of relevant skills, experiences, and perspectives, and I am enormously grateful that they have volunteered to assist with this exciting opportunity.

At the same time, I want to stress that participation on the LPC is only one of several ways to shape decision-making about this grant.  Key stakeholders and institutional representatives — from houses of worship, to not-for-profits, to neighborhood associations — will be solicited for suggestions and feedback.  And the broader public will be invited to offer ideas and concerns.  This will be an inclusive process, aimed at forging stronger physical, economic, and social connections between the evolving downtown center and the Lincoln Avenue Corridor.

The first LPC meeting will take place this Thursday, with the goal of wrapping up work and producing a Strategic Investment Plan by the end of next March.  There’s more in this press release.