Former staffers celebrate 30 years of Nita Lowey’s exceptional service.

For more than two decades, I had the great privilege of working for Congresswoman Nita Lowey, a principled, effective, and dynamic public servant who is rightly beloved throughout Westchester and the Hudson Valley.  She was and is a great boss, a great teacher, and a great example.

Last week, several dozen former staff members (including many who have gone on to their own very impressive public and private sector careers) got together for a reunion of sorts in Washington, DC to celebrate Nita’s 30 years in Congress.  It is a mark of the loyalty and affection Nita has earned that so many of us made the trip to be there.

As much as Nita has already accomplished, she is poised to do even more in the next Congress as the Chair of the Appropriations Committee in a Democratic House (fingers crossed.)