Our amazing “summer pizza,” half-eaten before I could snap the photo.

Recently named the “Best New Pizzeria” in the county by Westchester Magazine, Pizzeria La Rosa is getting a lot of attention — and deserves every bit of it.

With fresh herbs, tomatoes, and veggies pulled straight from an on-site garden, La Rosa produces some of the brightest flavors I’ve ever had in a humble pie.  Case in point: the seasonal “summer pizza” that my family and I shared over the weekend, covered with heirloom tomatoes and basil.  Amazing.  A heaping arugula salad sprinkled with olives, raisins, and pecorino started us off right.  And a huge serving of home-made tiramisu was a perfect ending (impressively gobbled up by Owen, with only modest assistance from the rest of us.)

Arugula salad was a perfect starter.

Pizzeria La Rosa’s menu is refreshingly simple, with an eye to doing only a few things, but doing all of them well.  And the setting (the historic former Modern Pizza on Russell Avenue, near Home Depot) adds to the charm.

Get the “summer pizza” before fall arrives!