Please take this quick survey.

Here’s the background.  Back in February, New Rochelle was designated a “Champion City” by Bloomberg Philanthropies.  Bloomberg loved our exciting proposal to use virtual and augmented reality to enhance urban planning and empower residents to take a more active role in shaping our future.  This was a huge accomplishment — New Rochelle was one of just 35 communities in the entire nation (out of more 300 applicants) to make the cut.  This comic is a creative way to learn more.

Now, we are moving on to round two, where the competition is even more intense.  And by “we,” I mean all of us — this is an opportunity for our entire community to be a model (and win a big grant.)  So here’s how you can help:

•  Please fill out this survey.  It’s only 3 -6 minutes long and actually kind of fun, with questions about how technology can foster inclusive decision-making and make it easier for everyone to learn about and contribute to New Rochelle’s growth.

•  Share your hometown pride about this project by tweeting or sharing on the social media platform of your choice (be sure to #mayorschallenge.)

•  Come and learn more at the downtown Farmers Market this Saturday, June 16th.  While picking up tasty greens, pastas, pickles, and cheeses, stop by the Mayors’ Challenge exhibit, try out the technology, and give us your feedback.

I am excited that New Rochelle is taking an innovative leadership role in using cutting-edge tools to plan a better future.  Please take the survey and join us!