Citrus Glazed Salmon Salad

I had my second lunch today at Sage, the new restaurant/market on North Avenue, across from Iona.  The space is sleek and elegant, all clean lines and soothing tones — and it’s especially nice on a warm, sunny day, with tables spilling on to the sidewalk through an open wall.

You’ll find enough diner stand-bys to pay homage to the old Mirage, which once stood on the site; you can get a Greek salad, a burger, chicken tenders, or meatloaf.  But Sage’s menu and vibe are much more refined, with dishes like sauteed mussels (had on my first lunch — really good), tuna poke, lobster guacamole, and a charcuterie plate, plus an assortment of pastas.  Today, I started with deviled eggs with jalapeno (terrific) and moved on to a citrus glazed salmon salad (also excellent.)  Here’s the full menu.  I’ll have to come back for cocktails — this looks like an especially nice spot to nurse a drink.

Sage’s Deviled Egg. Good things come in small packages.

Sage also features a small market/bakery, with lots of goodies that are easy to grab on the go, and with ingredients that are more than enough for a delicious make-at-home dinner, if not quite enough for a major weekly stock-up.

There is convenient parking immediately behind the restaurant.  (And a New Rochelle Bike Share station just around the corner.)

All in all, a terrific addition to the neighborhood and the community.