Mayor Noam Bramson joins Isaac Young students and City officials to plant a tree in Residence Park.

As part of our annual recognition of Arbor Day, New Rochelle is rolling out a new Plant-A-Tree initiative.  Within your roadside easement, you can have a new street tree for free.  The City will take care of planting it, and then provide basic maintenance.  To get a tree, all you have to do is ask by filling out this request form.

Please watch this video for more information, including images of the specific types of tree that are available.  You can also find additional details on the City website, including guidelines for keeping New Rochelle’s trees healthy and thriving.

Trees are enormously valuable.  Beyond making our neighborhoods more beautiful, they also help prevent flooding and capture greenhouse gases.  That’s why New Rochelle’s sustainability plan sets a goal of planting 10,000 new trees over two decades and why we hope to plant as many as 800 trees this year alone.  So please consider planting a tree by your property.