The latest emergency robocall concerning storm recovery (and now, unfortunately, preparation for the next storm) follows below:

This is the City of New Rochelle with Tuesday’s storm recovery update and a winter storm warning. This message is long, but please listen to the end.

Con Ed has restored power for many hundreds of homes, but many hundreds are still out. The City is continuing to push hard for swift action.

Remember that some additional homes may temporarily lose electricity as repairs occur, because power must be deactivated for line crews to work safely.

If you do not have power, we urge you to call Con Ed on a daily basis a 1-800-75CONED.

The Public Library and Doyle Senior Center are open today as warming and charging centers.

Dry ice is once again available near City Hall on Hamilton Avenue until 6:00pm.

And now with regard to the next storm:

Heavy wet snow is predicted for our area beginning late tonight, with significant accumulations and heavy winds.

Please do not place storm debris for collection in the street — store it curbside to keep the road clear for plows.

Where possible, move cars off street into driveways or lots. Beginning at 6:00pm tonight, metered parking at the New Roc and Transit Center Garages will be open for free parking for residents that wish to relocate their cars.

Commingled recycling will be collected on Wednesday citywide; however at this point it is likely that Thursday’s trash collection will be cancelled.

We should all be ready for the likelihood that storm conditions will lead to new power outages. Please prepare accordingly, check in on elderly or infirm neighbors, and, again, contact Con Ed to report your address if power goes out.

The City will continue to post information to our website and social media, and additional bulletins will follow as warranted.

This has been Mayor Noam Bramson.  Thank you for listening.