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One of the (very few, maybe only) benefits of being forced from our home by power loss is that it’s given us an excuse to dine out much more frequently.  In just the last few days, we’ve been to Da Giorgio in Wykagyl, Modern on Huguenot Street, AJ’s across from City Hall, and the brand new Sage (try it!) by Iona.  We’ve even run into the same electricity-deprived friends in multiple spots (where are we meeting tomorrow, Ellen Arad?)

In this spirit — and let’s face it, there’s no graceful segueway from disaster response to restaurant promotion — let me share with you that the Business Improvement District’s annual restaurant weeks are coming up: March 12 – 15 and then March 19 – 22.  Six participating restaurants will offer 3-course meals for under 30 bucks.  A great opportunity to taste New Rochelle.  Learn more on the BID’s website, which also lists all the participating restaurants.

Of course, if our power is still out next week, then discounts at bars and liquor stores might be more useful.