I could not be more proud of the leadership of New Rochelle High School’s Model Congress for writing this outstanding letter to the superintendents of eight Long Island school districts.

This additional note to parents from Superintendent Brian Osborne and Principal Reggie Richardson captures my feelings about the disappointing (and I have used much, much stronger adjectives in private) decision of several Long Island schools to skip this year’s Model Congress weekend in New Rochelle, and our collective determination to have this impulsive and unwarranted decision reversed.

In my public comments in recent weeks, I have called on adults to serve as role models for youngsters.  But sometimes, it’s the other way around; in this case, it’s the kids who are demonstrating wisdom, kindness, and rationality, and I hope that the educators on Long Island are listening closely.  Their own students are eager to return to New Rochelle — let them come!

Let me confess that I am a little (well, a lot) biased when it comes to this subject.  Model Congress was the primary focus of my extra-curricular activities as a student and had a pretty powerful influence on my life.  Now in its fifty-fourth year,  NRHS Model Congress remains a terrific organization that gives countless students an opportunity to learn about issues, debate opinions, and grow into more thoughtful, informed human beings.

This is a moment when adults need to be as good as the kids we serve, and I will do everything in my power to support the terrific leaders and members of an outstanding and valuable New Rochelle club.