In a nation-wide competition featuring more than 300 applications, New Rochelle has been named one of just 35 “Champion Cities” by Bloomberg Philanthropies.  #mayorschallenge

Bloomberg challenged municipalities across the country to propose innovative ideas with the potential to benefit cities everywhere.  New Rochelle’s winning concept involves the use of virtual-reality to visualize development, enhance the quality of urban design, and permit greater public participation in choices about planning and growth.  It’s a perfect complement to our ambitious downtown development strategy.

This press release has much more information, or visit Bloomberg’s website to learn about the competition and about the other finalists.  Here’s a key excerpt from the release about next steps:

“New Rochelle now advances to the six-month ‘Test, Learn, and Adapt’ phase of the competition. Cities will refine their ideas during this process with up to $100,000 [a grant awarded by Bloomberg], as well as personalized support from innovation experts, to test and begin building support for their urban innovations and submit a new application in August 2018. In October, four cities will receive $1 million awards and one will receive a grand prize of $5 million to bring their ideas to life.”

Congratulations to the team that put together New Rochelle’s outstanding application.  I am proud that our community is being recognized nation-wide as a creative leader.