The deep freeze has one upside: several of our local lakes are now open for skating.  (And others may follow.)  Here’s more information from New Rochelle Parks & Rec:

Some of New Rochelle’s lakes and ponds have been inspected and are now open for skating.  Park staff have posted white signs with red lettering indicating skating is now permitted at these locations: Paine Lake, the South Lake of Huguenot Park/Twin Lakes at New Rochelle High School, and Carpenter’s Pond.

Skating is permitted only in areas designated by park barricades. Parks staff will update ice skating lake/pond status following daily inspections, and surfaces will remain open as conditions allow. Due to insufficient depth, skating is not permitted at any other City lakes.

While outdoor ice skating is a wonderful experience, skaters should realize that outdoor ice is not as smooth and consistent as artificial ice at a skating rink, noted Parks and Recreation Interim Commissioner Bill Zimmermann. “The ice that forms on ponds and lakes can be rougher, bumpier and with crevices. So in addition to staying in the designated areas, we are encouraging skaters to be extra careful on the ice.”

For further information contact the New Rochelle Parks and Recreation Department at 654-2087.