In the aftermath of yet another horrific mass shooting, this statistical analysis in the New York Times makes it crystal clear that the prevalence of mass shootings in the United States has one cause and one cause only: guns.

Of course, every incident is different, with its own individual circumstances, but in the big picture, no other explanation holds up — not mental illness, not general societal violence, nothing.  We have more mass shootings, because we are awash in guns.  Period.

If some want to argue that providing easy access to high-capacity firearms is more important than preventing thousands of unnecessary deaths, so be it.  That argument is at least intellectually honest (albeit, to my mind, morally bankrupt.)  But let’s stop pretending that you can have one without the other.

Read the whole analysis in the Times.  And then remember that a policy of either holding or banning gun shows at the Westchester County Center is among the items effectively on the ballot in today’s election.