Branzino with capers and lemon at Vento Bistro.

Catie and I joined a group of friends over the weekend for a thoroughly enjoyable dinner at Vento Bistro, the new restaurant on Huguenot Street at the base of the Halstead Building (where Sorrel used to be located.)

Putting ourselves in the chef’s hands, we started with plates of olives, then moved on to terrific braised artichoke hearts, followed by a hearty pasta bolognese, and then a main course of branzino with capers and lemon.  For dessert, we shared fresh berries with whipped cream and tartufo.  All delicious.  In fact, I would have happily (and piggishly) added another course or two.

Vento’s space is small, warm, and intimate with an open kitchen adjoining the dining area.  Perfect for a date night.  And the adjoining wine shop ensures that meals are properly lubricated.

Here’s Vento’s Facebook page.  Highly recommended.