New Rochelle has thrown its hat in the Amazon HQ2 ring, making the case that our city is the right place for Amazon’s new headquarters.  Here’s more from the Journal News.

Let’s face it: every community, including ours, is a long-shot in the nation-wide competition to land Amazon,  but ya gotta be in it to win it, and New Rochelle has a genuinely competitive proposal, based on our:

•  central location;

•  outstanding transit access and options;

•  talented and diverse population;

•  ambitious and innovative downtown development plan;

•  capable master development partners;

•  livability and affordability.

We’re also working through the State to join in a regional submission, which includes sites in New Rochelle.

Winning would be a little like hitting the mega millions jackpot — a complete game changer (and maybe with similar odds.)  But the process of competing has its own value, and helps to raise New Rochelle’s profile as we aim to attract business investment across the board and implement our development goals.

I would share a link to our full submission, but Amazon’s rules for the competition require these documents to be confidential, so let me just say we tried to put our best foot forward.