The Iona Campus

Several months ago, Iona College sued the City of New Rochelle over a land use matter with potentially wide-ranging implications for the Iona campus and surrounding neighborhoods.

Last week, the Judge presiding over the case issued her ruling.  You can read the full decision here, but since it’s a pretty dense document filled with legalese, let me give you the abridged version: the City won.

When I wrote about this issue back in March, I said the following:

“Iona College is a great asset to New Rochelle, and the City government has worked with Iona’s leadership on many occasions to advance our mutual priorities.  But when the College’s objectives conflict with the public interest, the City will always protect our residents, defend the integrity of our professional staff, and uphold the principles of sound planning.”

That is still my view today.  And I hope now that the City and College can resume a constructive, mutually beneficial relationship.