Heartfelt thanks to all who attended or contributed to my brunch yesterday afternoon!

We had a great crowd of more than 400 in attendance, with many more who supported the event from afar.

If you weren’t able to join us, but would still like to help, you can make a contribution here:  noambramson.org/contribute

In remarks at the brunch, much as I did in my recent State of the City Address, I spoke about the strange divided reality of our times: a community making exciting and meaningful progress, at the same moment that our nation faces grave and unsettling challenges.  Yet I concluded hopefully that many of us feel:

“. . . a renewed sense of purpose and focus and determination — a realization that we cannot be spectators only, that we have a personal responsibility to be citizens in the fullest sense of the word, and to link arms with our neighbors of every heritage and background and tradition and circumstance, recognizing that life is not a zero-sum-game of all against all, that our interests are fundamentally bound together. 

And recognizing also that we are not helpless.  That there are things we can do – here, close to home.  Whatever happens in Washington, we can welcome and respect our immigrant communities here, embrace the promise of renewable energy here, build a local economy that is vibrant and just here, and be kind and loving to each other here.”

I hope you share my determination to work together for a stronger city, country, and world.