The 10-year capital budget approved by the City Council last December roughly doubles our annual investment in street improvements.  Beyond simply maintaining and repairing asphalt, however, the capital budget also makes an important commitment to redesigning New Rochelle’s street network, so that it is safer, more attractive, and more appealing for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

This week, the City Council received a preliminary report on this topic from our traffic consultants at AKRF.  Their presentation includes a long-term vision for comprehensive improvements, as well as recommendations for initial steps on six streets – Anderson Street, Eastchester Road, Lincoln Avenue, North Avenue, Pinebrook Boulevard, Quaker Ridge Road.  (One of those, Quaker Ridge Road, will benefit from a $3.5 million State grant.)

There’s still more work to be done before even the first phase of improvements can be implemented – traffic studies, detailed design, application for grants, etc.  It is quite possible that some of the concepts in this initial report will be rejected, while new ideas will emerge.

Still, I am encouraged by this first step and am looking forward to a steady pace of positive change as we re-imagine our public roadways in the years ahead.

Take a look at the presentation to the Council for more information.