The President has reportedly decided to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, putting the United States in the enlightened company of Syria and Nicaragua as the only three countries in the world to reject the accord.

For those keeping score, this Administration has now:

•  Pushed a “health care” plan that deprives 23 million people of insurance;

•  Attempted to institute a travel ban that multiple courts have judged discriminatory;

•  Proposed a federal budget that eviscerates vital programs and defies the laws of mathematics;

•  Undermined American strategic interests by straining our core international alliances;

•  Made a mockery of long-standing conflict of interest, public disclosure, and ethics standards;

•  Impeded investigations into possible Russian influence over the Trump campaign and administration.

•  Brazenly B.S.ed about all of the above in a fashion that smacks of authoritarian propaganda and loyalty tests (here’s a good piece about that.)

To this dispiriting list, we can now add rejection of the international and scientific consensus on climate change, a position too extreme even for oil, gas, and coal companies, which have mainly urged the U.S. to abide by the Paris Treaty.

The pace of these outrages — almost literally a new one every day — makes it difficult to keep all of them in mind.  The next helping of awful news arrives before we’ve fully digested the last helping.  But it is important not to let any of these outrages slip from memory, because each one has distinct and important consequences, and each one screams for accountability.

The next election can’t come soon enough.