New Rochelle is seeking proposals for the redevelopment of 45 Harrison Street.  That’s where our aging downtown fire station is located, and any new development there would be coupled with the construction of a new, modern fire house, either on- or off-site.

While this property is not among the publicly-owned sites committed to our master developers at RDRXR, the prospects for investment at 45 Harrison will still be enhanced by other provisions of our ambitious downtown development framework: a flexible, form-based zoning code and a completed environmental review.

The fire station sits on a roughly 3/4 acre property, but the development footprint could potentially more than double with the inclusion of the nearby Cedar Street extension, an unnecessary and overbuilt road that dates back to the urban renewal days of the 1960s.  The height limit for the site is 28 stories.

The issuance of this request for proposals (RFP) demonstrates New Rochelle’s determination to accomplish the goals of our redevelopment plan.  We are pushing on multiple fronts to achieve a positive transformation of our entire downtown area.

You can read the full RFP here.  Proposals are due on March 10th.