Avocado Toast. Mmm.

Drop whatever you are doing right now and head immediately to Pop’s Espresso Bar for a sandwich or dessert.  Seriously.

Catie and Jeremy had eaten there several times and had been bugging me to go.  My Assistant Angela, too.  “Yeah, yeah,” I assured them, “I’ll get there eventually.”

This back-and-forth stretched out for a couple of months.  Big mistake.  I shouldn’t have waited so long to try the avocado toast (sort of a heap of extra-delicious fresh guacamole dotted with fresh herbs) or the tuna sandwich (which was light-years away from the soggy, bland tuna salad that typically blights cafeterias everywhere and was instead light, toothsome, and full of bright flavor.)  Cappuccino followed.  Then my lunch companion and I left with an armload of pastries for the road.

My (not cafeteria-style) tuna sandwich.

I am told that Pop’s breakfast is equally good, that their Dannoli (think donut/cannoli) is life-altering, and that the Pork Belly Cubano is a must.  Next time.  There’s a full menu on the website.

This is a tiny place, so expect close quarters, but what Pop’s lacks in size, it more than makes up in warmth, charm, and originality.  Plus, taking out is an easy option.

Go right away.