My beef bi-bim-bap, with spicy kimchi and fish cakes on the side.

I received this lovely email a couple of weeks ago:  “Good evening, Mayor Bramson.  My husband and I enjoy trying different New Rochelle restaurants that you mention on your blog.  Now we want you to try one of our favorites. Korean BBQ Grill is at 496 Main Street. In case you aren’t familiar, it is a small Korean place with fabulous food. It really is a hidden gem in downtown New Rochelle.”

With a glowing recommendation like that, I had to try it out — and I’m glad I did!  The writer was spot-on.  Korean BBQ Grill is a small, unassuming space, but the flavors pack a wallop.  I had a delicious Beef Bi-Bim-Bap, while my lunch date enjoyed the Stir Fried Udon.  We both shared a complimentary plate of kimchi and fish cakes.  All really flavorful, healthful (or at least healthful-seeming), and very inexpensive.  Others seems to agree, because the place was doing a brisk business – completely full at lunchtime.

We’re lucky to live in a community with such a great range of ethnic foods, and I am glad that Korean cuisine is well represented.

Keep the recommendations coming!