Bill Moye, age 101, a great New Rochellean and a great American.

Bill Moye, age 102, a great New Rochellean and a great American.

My remarks at New Rochelle’s Veterans Day observance this morning were similar to those I have delivered in prior years, with one notable addition in the third paragraph below:

“Ours is the strongest nation on the face of the Earth and the greatest force for freedom and justice in the history of humankind. That is the gift of America’s veterans to all of us and to the entire world.

So let us repay this debt by lifting up every veteran who has earned a place of honor and security here in our own City of New Rochelle. Let us repay it by building a nation whose strength of arms is matched by equal strength of moral purpose and courage.

And this year, especially, when our country has seemed so deeply divided, let us repay it by remembering that veterans did not serve under a blue flag or a red flag, they served under the flag of the United States of the America.”

Thank you to all veterans for your service to country.