The College of New Rochelle

As this difficult week comes to a close, many people — alarmed by the turn in our national government — are asking how they can make a difference locally.  Well here’s one vital cause that needs your help . . .

The College of New Rochelle (“CNR”), one of our city’s most valued institutions and an important engine of individual opportunity, is now facing a financial crisis unprecedented in its 112-year history.  Indeed, the College’s very survival is threatened.

A sudden closing would present a staggering reversal for thousands of hard-working, determined students for whom higher education is the essential route to a better life.

CNR’s collapse would also have stark implications for our broader community.  After all, CNR has supported many local organizations like Hope Community Services and the Adult Learning Center.  It has generously hosted and co-sponsored events, including our recent New Rochelle Street Fair, while also partnering with the New Rochelle Council of the Arts, the Inter-religious Council, and countless other groups.

All of that is at risk.

As part of a broader financial recovery  plan, CNR is asking our community to make contributions.  Good people always respond when a neighbor calls for help, and I hope you’ll consider answering this call.  You can make your donation online at

Additional information about CNR’s financial crisis can be found on their website.  It is important to know that, under new leadership, the CNR community of trustees, faculty, staff, and alumni, is working feverishly to address this crisis in the short time available. While there is a path forward to remain an intact, stand-alone institution, it will require significant cost-cutting and outside funding.

I have attended many wonderful events at the College, meeting students – some right out of New Rochelle High School and some adults returning to school – many of whom are the first in their families to attend college. I always come away inspired by their dedication to learning and commitment to serving others. CNR students enrich not only their own lives, but also their families, their professional colleagues, and the larger world we share.

Let’s demonstrate that our community comes together in times of need.  Please do what you can as CNR fights to ensure its future.  And please remember, time is of the essence.