lifesaverThe New Rochelle Police Department recently implemented Project Lifesaver, a program designed to help children and adults affected by Autism, dementia, or other conditions that may place them at risk of wandering or getting lost.  Project Lifesaver employs wristband transmitters to locate missing individuals.  It’s now in use in 42 states and in Canada.

About a week ago, Project Lifesaver made a big difference here in our community.   The NRPD received calls reporting two missing seniors.  Fortunately, both were enrolled in Project Lifesaver.

In the first case, responding officers were able to track and find the missing senior within 25 minutes.  In the second case, a concerned resident was able to help even before Police were dispatched.

Many thanks to NRPD Detective Christopher Greco for providing this information and for spearheading New Rochelle’s involvement in the program.