LeavesBack in 2013, New Rochelle adopted a new leaf collection policy, providing homeowners with several options: (1) bag or can leaves for weekly pickup; (2) ask landscapers to deliver leaves directly to the City’s disposal site; or (3) mulch mow leaves in place.

While every resident should determine their own preferred course of action, in most cases, mulch mowing will be the most sensible choice.  It provides a free natural fertilizer that helps nourish lawns, it’s no harder to perform than standard lawn mowing, and it saves on all the expense associated with transporting leaves from one location to another.

To learn more about mulch mowing, please consider attending a free workshop this Saturday, November 5th at 3:00pm at Huguenot Park (North Avenue in front of New Rochelle High School.)  A professional landscaper will be on hand to provide a demonstration and answer questions.  You can also obtain more information on the City’s website or by calling 914-235-4029.