democracyHillary Clinton now leads Donald Trump in the popular vote by about 250,000.  When all the ballots are  eventually counted, mainly from California, her lead in the vote tally is likely to swell to more than a million.

So, to summarize . . .

Americans voted for Hillary Clinton.   They will get President Trump.  Furthermore, they will get a Trump-compliant GOP Congress, followed by a Trump-appointed Supreme Court.

The rules of the electoral college are what they are.  Nobody rigged them (unless you count the founders) to engineer a particular outcome, and they were fairly applied this year under the terms of the law and the Constitution.  Hillary Clinton was right to offer a gracious concession, and we should all take her lead.  But the fact remains that people expressed a clear preference for one thing and are going to receive precisely the opposite.

In a democracy, this kind of enormous and profoundly consequential disconnect between the will of the people and the exercise of power is not a small, technical problem.

Just saying.