Mayor Noam Bramson of New Rochelle and Mayor Jon Mitchell of New Bedford.

Mayor Noam Bramson of New Rochelle, NY and Mayor Jon Mitchell of New Bedford, MA. Both formerly of Matthews South.

Yesterday, the Clinton campaign invited several dozen mayors from around the country to their Brooklyn headquarters for a discussion of policy and politics.

I felt a little out of my weight class surrounded mainly by mayors of much larger cities — Phoenix, Dallas, Detroit, Columbus, New Orleans, New York City, Charlotte, just to name a few.  I sat next to Betsy Hodges, the Mayor of Minneapolis, and we got to talking about our Mary Tyler Moore connection; Laura Petrie for New Rochelle, Mary Richards for Minneapolis.

Still, despite being a little fish in a big pond, I enjoyed the conversation, and it was my first opportunity to see a national campaign headquarters firsthand – an impressive sight, even if the sea of very young faces made me feel very old.

The surprise and treat of the day was running into Jon Mitchell, the Mayor of New Bedford, MA.  Jon and I lived in the same residence hall back during our freshman year of college.  Two mayors from one little dorm – not bad.  He was a great guy then, and is still a great guy now.  Hope he doesn’t move to New Rochelle, because I’m pretty sure he’d beat me.