WSJ Article 2Please sign this petition and then pass it on.

Here’s why it’s important.  New Rochelle is competing hard for the State’s new Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI.)  Through this program, ten communities will be selected to receive $10 million each, with funding aimed at making downtown areas healthier and more vibrant.

New Rochelle has a very strong application, and our local downtown plan is a near-perfect match for the DRI’s criteria.  But only one city in the entire Hudson Valley will be chosen, which means the competition is stiff.  And local support will be a factor in the State’s decision.

That’s where the petition comes in.  By signing – and encouraging your friends to sign – you can help demonstrate that the people of New Rochelle support positive changes in our downtown.

$10 million would be a huge shot in the arm for our city and for our ambitious downtown plans.  So please help New Rochelle win!  Sign today and pass it along.