LWRPAfter several years of work, the City has just about completed two major land use plans: our Comprehensive Plan and our Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan.  The Council reviewed drafts of the two plans last night and invited public comments by setting public hearings for Tuesday, June 14th.

As the name implies, the Comprehensive Plan is a broad examination of New Rochelle’s land use, economic, environmental, and demographic characteristics, with recommendations relating to both preservation and change.

The Local Waterfront Revitalization Plan serves a similar purpose, but with a tighter focus on the shoreline.

Both documents aim to build on and reinforce objectives laid out in prior plans, such as our Downtown Overlay Zone, Sustainability Plan, and Davids Island Reuse Study.  Approving the Comp Plan and LWRP will establish a useful context for future policy-making and budgeting, and will also put New Rochelle in a better position to compete successfully for grants.