SalonKeeping up with The New Yorker can be like a part-time job, so Catie and I are perpetually behind, with a stack of issues always lying around the house.  These two pieces are already more than a week old, but I just got to them, and they are so much fun – and so brilliantly written – that I wanted to share them.

The first describes the madcap blend of food and politics at the French Salon International de l’Agriculture.  Laugh-out-loud funny and filled with pitch perfect observations about human beings and other animals.  Just read it.

The second makes me want to visit Oaxaca in Mexico for a mezcal tour.  (Although, fortunately, a pretty good selection should be available closer to home on Union Avenue.)

Maybe these articles won’t be quite as interesting to folks who are less food-obsessed than me, but if you have some spare time over the weekend, I really recommend reading both.