PoliceThe New Rochelle Police Department’s just-released annual report for 2015 shows continued positive news for our city when it comes to public safety.  Some highlights:

•  Among the 107 cities with comparable populations across the nation, New Rochelle ranks as the 13th safest.

•  New Rochelle has the lowest crime rate among the comparable cities of Westchester and of New York State.

Our 2014 crime rate was the lowest in 54 years.  In 2015, the Part I crime rate ticked up very slightly (about 4%), almost entirely because of auto thefts.  Some statistical noise is to be expected in year-to-year fluctuations, and the real story here is that our crime rate has been consistently and durably low for the past decade.

To be clear, one crime is one crime too many, and a favorable report overall does not in any way minimize the seriousness of any particular incident.  That’s why the PD continuously monitors patterns of criminal activity, works to prevent crime, and strives to build community relationships based on mutual trust.

You can read the full report here.

I thank our men and women in blue for another outstanding year of dedicated and effective service to the people of New Rochelle.