Check MarkYesterday, the people of New Rochelle voted overwhelming for constructive, forward-looking leadership, and expressed clear, unambiguous support for a vision of positive change in our city.

In the City elections, I am thrilled by the victories for my running mates in Council Districts 5 and 6, Barry Fertel and Liz Fried, both of whom emerged as winners in hard-fought campaigns.  And I am both humbled and gratified by the landslide margin in my own race for reelection.  Although he fell short, I also congratulate Luis Zepeda in Council District 1 for a valiant effort in a tough, uphill contest.  Here are the results from the Board of Elections, with all precincts reporting.

There are mixed results (from my perspective) in the County Legislative elections covering New Rochelle.  Catherine Parker won reelection by an unexpectedly wide margin, while Haina Just-Michael appears this morning to be trailing in a very tight contest.  (Haina racked up huge numbers in New Rochelle, yet trails overall because of bigger margins for Sheila Marcotte in Eastchester and Tuckahoe.)  Here are the full County results.

I congratulate all the winners, including Democrats Jared Rice and Ivar Hyden, who were reelected without opposition, and Republicans Lou Trangucci and Al Tarantino, who were returned to the City Council for new terms.

I also congratulate my opponent, James O’Toole, on his campaign.  James was gracious in reaching out to me last night to offer his concession, and I look forward to James’ continuing appearances at our Council meetings!

Finally, and most importantly, I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who played a part in our local campaign this year.  Whether you posted a lawn sign, gave an endorsement, made a financial contribution, handed out literature, or simply took the time to vote, Catie and I together feel a deep, personal sense of gratitude for your help.

I look ahead to the coming term with great optimism — humbled to be entrusted again with leadership, but also refreshed by such a strong statement of support and determined to work my hardest alongside colleagues of both parties to justify your confidence.

This is an exciting moment for New Rochelle.  Let’s do everything possible to make the most of our opportunities.

P.S.  If you have a lawn sign on your property, please go ahead and dispose of it.