Mayor Noam Bramson launches street light replacement

Mayor Noam Bramson launches energy-efficient street light upgrade.

This morning, I joined DPW officials and the City’s lighting contractor as we together replaced a conventional street light on Hamilton Avenue with a new energy-efficient LED.  That’s 1 down;  6,912 to go.  Because during the next few months, all of New Rochelle’s street lights will be upgraded.

The new lights use about 65% less electricity and will cut the City’s energy use by almost 2.8 million kwh every year.

Of course, that also means lower expenses, with estimated annual savings of about $639,000.  (Our net savings in the first seven years will be less, about $150,000 to $200,000, as we pay back the $2.95 million cost of equipment and installation.)

Upgrading our exterior lighting was one of the recommendations in New Rochelle’s sustainability plan, GreeNR, and it is good to see this initiative underway.